Sign of the Cross

Sign of the Cross

Game of ExtroScape

Your job as an archaeologist in Byzantinology department of the Byzantine Museum in Athens is anything but adventurous. But that was destined to change when a month ago, unearthed the personal banner of the last Byzantine Emperor, Constantine XI Palaeologus, which after the first inspection appears to hide clues that might reveal the location of the Emperor’s tomb.


Of course this is in code hidden well within the artwork of the banner, so your department in the museum chose you and some of your distinguished colleagues to form a research team in order to examine these clues and their authenticity and if it is indeed authentic to reveal the location of the legendary monument.

The research progresses on a familiar slow pace, until one of your research team’s member, your colleague John Efthimiou, suddenly disappears and has to give any signs of life for a week now. With him also disappears the banner and the whole research of your team. The night before his disappearance, he had left a voicemail saying that he had something very important to tell you, but not over the phone. You waited for him on the appointment given to you for the following morning, but he didn’t come.

You worried and report his disappearance and theft of the icon and of your research, to the authorities, but they have not been able to solve the case so far. But you just received an e-mail from Efthimiou’s account that asks you to meet him tonight in the center of Athens.

A mystery to solve in the streets of Athens. You need to find what happened to your colleague, if he is still alive and if so his whereabouts, locate the lost mythical tomb and finally retrieve the stolen banner.

Location : Athens Center (Commercial Triangle)

In Game purchases : Yes (2 Euro min/ per team)

Devices per team : 2+ (Smartphones or Tablets)

Required Apps :

QR reader (Android) - (IOS)

Google Maps (updated)


(The above Apps are needed to be installed in at least one device, but in order for all players to be able to participate would be better if they are installed in all team’s devices)

Wi-Fi hotspot is provided (But it would be better if you have your own data service)

Tips : Your devices must be charged (in case of emergency a power bank is provided…)


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