Room 203: Phantom Of The Opera


The theater of Konstantinoupoleos Street at Aigaleo remains closed, after the disappearance of Christine Deou, the 29-year-old lead actress of the play “Phantom of the Opera”. It’s a criminal act according to the police.
Eric, the janitor of the theater, was the last one who saw her alive. His statements have led the authorities to the warehouse number 5 which was a dead-end….


The case of the “Phantom of the Opera” remains unsolved, since there is no murder without a body.
Christine’s family is looking for private detectives who can find some “light at the end of the tunnel”. Their only hope is Eric, who is a bit crazy, tells nonsense and from the looks of it he had a crash on her… Nonetheless, he is the only one who holds the key of the warehouse number 5 and can help!


We are looking for highly experienced private investigators for Christine’s Deou missing case. Whoever is interested can fill up the form and they will be notified. The case file and all the evidence from the investigations so far will be announced soon!




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